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All of our dogs are spayed or neutered, wormed, receive vaccinations, rabies, bordatella, heartworm tested, and microchipped; prior to adoption. If a dog tests positive, they are put through the heartworm treatment. If a dog tests negative, they are started on monthly heartworm prevention which the owner must continue after adoption. In addition, if we determine a dog is sick from an infection, illness or is injured, they receive appropriate medical care. All of our dogs leave in much better condition than when they came into the rescue.

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Please send photos and updates over the months/years. We love hearing from these fur-kids. In addition, we'd like to welcome you to the TBRO Family. We hope you are satisifed with your newest addition and the service provided by The Boxer Rescue of Oklahoma. If you are, we ask that you spread the word about "rescue", we love referrals! Also, please watch our website for notices about fundraising events and other social events that you are encouraged to attend.  You can sign up to get our newsletter too!  Of course, last but not least, if you decide that your newest boxer needs a playmate, we'd be more than happy to place another boxer into your forever home!  

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